Who we are

Katja Kotsch

Univ. Prof. Dr. rer. nat.


Group Leader

Professor for Surgical Research

Ageing in solid organ transplantation

Experimental machine perfusion

Tissue-resident memory

Role of innate lymphocytes in tumor entities

3D tumor organoids

Microbiome in transplantation and oncology

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Arne Sattler

Dr. rer. nat.


Senior Post Doc

Head FACS Lab

Regulation of chronic inflammation in human diseases


Cytokine networks


Immune monitoring in desired and undesired immune responses

SARS-CoV 2 related immune responses in transplantation

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Carolin Stahl


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Lab Supervisor

Technical support 


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He An

M. Ch.

Heman peq 1.jpg


Brain death and donor organ pre-treatment


Murine heart transplantation 


Murine kidney transplantation


Experimental machine perfusion

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Vanessa Pross

M. Sc.


PhD Student

Tumor organoids of solid cancers


Innate properties of MAIT cells in cancer 


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Linda M. Thole

M. Sc.


PhD Student

Innate lymphoid cells in solid organ transplantation

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Annkathrin Ruhm

B. Sc.


MD PhD Student

Innate properties of MAIT cells in cancer

Laura Tóth

MD student

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Medical student (M.D.)

Antigen-specific B cells in the kidney

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