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We are expanding our surgical projects and are looking to hire an additional microsurgeon (m/f/d) full-time/part-time.

You will work in the context of heart and kidney transplantation and in addition incorporate new procedures with engineering aspects (experimental machine perfusion), optionally including downstream analysis of obtained samples with e.g. FACS (flow cytometry) or microscopy.


You can join our team if you are interested in microsurgical techniques and want to work in a fascinating and delicate field of research.

Ideally you have some experience as surgeon, technician, or working with small animals.

Important: This position will be as a resident microsurgeon in our group and is not suitable for students searching to conduct a doctoral degree.

Get in contact with us and let us know about you!

Impaired humoral and cellular immunity after SARS-CoV2 BNT162b2 (Tozinameran) prime-boost vaccination in kidney transplant recipients

Signatures and Specificity of Tissue-resident Lymphocytes Identified in Human Renal Peri-tumor and Tumor Tissue